Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Tuesday June 14th Court Watch

Michael Thorman, attorney for Michael Magidson had begun his cross examination of Jaron Nabors. He was playing a video of Jaron Nabors' interview with the police.
On tape--
Detective Lovano--(and btw, I don't know how to spell his name, so apologies up front)--"If all you did was block the door, why on earth would you go with them (Magidson, Merel & Cazares) to Silverfork (to bury Gwen's body)?"
Nabors: "Loyalty... And, like ,'Holy shit, what if I'm too far into this to back out now?'"
Detective: "You know, there's DNA, trace evidence can be found on the body.."
Nabors: "I'm not worried about that--"
Detective: "Cos we'll find out--"
Nabors: "I want you to find out."
Thorman detailed the inconsistancies of Nabors' interview statements versus what he is destifying now (and in the first trial.) Nabors was upfront about the inconsistancies, and admits telling half-truths, trying to save himself and the others:
  • Description of his knife, how he came in possession of it
  • Left Jason out of initial report--said that" Jose and Mike took Lida in the garage" (when it was actually Magidson and Jason Cazares)
Thorman: "You were protecting Jason?"
Nabors: "Yeah."

And then, information from Thorman--(and this will most likely be a new tactic Thorman will use): "Do you remember a discussion, where Mike (Magidson) said that since all three of you--(Merel, Cazares, and Nabors)--have children and he (Magidson) doesn't have children--Mike offers, he says "I'll take the blame?"
Nabors: "I don't remember him making that statement at all."
Thorman: "Reason why you went along?--Loyalty? But you were in."
Nabors: "Yeah."

Thorman asked about Nabors' meeting with his lawyer--who objected--and the judge overruled. When they met, what they discussed.

Thorman then began to play the recorded phone call Nabors placed to his girlfriend. We all heard this in the last trial, and it is full of minutia and details about their personal lives which seem to be irrelevent to the case--and homophobia and transphobia and mysogeny.

What is different is Nabors' reaction to hearing himself and Dede on tape. He put his head in his hands.

The girlfriend Dede (again--apologies for misspelling her name if I am)--says: "They (referring to a vigil for Gwen) had some kind of prayer! It makes me mad! The aunt (Imelda Guerrero) said she (Gwen) was a "beautiful person." It's not fair! She was not...she was sick and disgusting...don't worry, it will all come out, the truth will come out."

And so it goes.

Well, Dede was right in a way. The truth is coming out. Not in a way Dede would have imagined at that time, but the truth nevertheless. Transgender awareness is everywhere--and transgender education is becoming more effective each day.

The first trial began the process. In this trial-there's been a turn-around in these defense lawyers tactics, the language they use, the language the press uses. Sylvia Guerrero and the rest of Gwen's family have taken up the banner, and as a result, so many folks are talking, learning, and their minds are broadening and changing. We are all--learning.

I had to leave at noon--I had a crisis line shift to cover at CUAV. I spoke to Gwen's mom Sylvia today as I was leaving. She thanked CUAV for being there with her and her family. She also believes that Jaron Nabors is telling the truth, which is a comfort to her. She shared with me that only Nabors' parents have expressed to her their condolences for her loss. And partly because of that, Sylvia has begun to find a way to heal.
--Connie Champagne


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