Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Court Watch July 27th (C. Champagne)

Mr. Lamiero began his cross examination of Jose Merel today. "You have a nice family...your mom, your dad--they've told you that smartest thing you can do is tell the truth?"
Merel: "They have."
Lamiero went on to question Merel about the last trial. Merel stated that he had wanted to testify, to tell his story.
"Do you remember meeting (after the murder)?...Did Mike (Magidson) ever tell you that he would accept responsibility for something he did not do?"
This line of questioning culminated in a tearful stand-off 10 minutes before the noon recess. Merel testified that Cazares was present (despite his testimony to the contrary) during prior discussions of Gwen/Lida's gender.
Lamiero asked Merel about the initial confrontation--
"Can you tell us what was funny about touching Lida's hair, asking her ' Are you a man or a woman? Why did you think your friends would be amused by your touching her hair, neck?"
"Well, it's not something you ask someone everyday..."
"What is so funny about that?"
"Maybe it's not funny...there may have been some smiles."

It seemed clear these guys were taunting her, and maybe teasing Merel.

Lamiero: "(Although) you were hurt by what Lida had done, you knew the better course of action was to let her go?"
Merel: "I did."
Lamiero: "When others made the choice to kill Lida, that hurt you?"
Merel: "Yes."

Then Lamiero asked Merel about the neighbors' party the three went to the night after the murder Friday October 4th. Merel said they went to the neighbors', so as not to provoke suspicion. They had always "kicked it" together on Fridays, so it might be suspicious if they did not attend.

Lamiero: "When you three--(Merel, Cazares, and Magidson)--attended the party, did you talk about what happened?"
Merel: "There was talk."
Lamiero: "Did Mike tell you that he strangled Lida in the garage?"
Merel: " I can't answer that... I don't want to answer that."
Lamiero: " Yes or no, did Mike tell you that he strangled Lida in the garage?"

Merel began to cry, repeating "I can't answer that, sir."

The judge directed him to answer the question.

Lamiero: " Your mom and dad are good people, I know that. They've told you to tell the truth."

But Merel still refused to answer.

Out of the presence of the jury, Lamiero then requested that Merel and Magidson be completely seperated, that they no longer travel together from the jail, that they be in seperate pods, and that they have no contact with one another.

They recessed for lunch.


Blogger vida said...

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Blogger vida said...

Sorry, messed up the first post...I just wanted to thank you so much for this blog-I'm sure it's emotionally draining and hard to write and it means a lot to me, and i'm sure a lot of us, that you do it. Thanks again.

11:04 PM  
Blogger Jolie said...

I want to reiterate what Vida said and tell you also that this blog is the very first thing I check every morning. I love you for your dedication to this case and to justice for our beautiful sister Gwen.

Thank you.


6:38 AM  
Blogger Artemis said...

THis is some "blog" if you remove comments. You just lost a lot of my respect...

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Blogger Artemis said...

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