Thursday, August 11, 2005

Court Resumes This Monday Aug 15th 9 AM (C. Champagne)

Court has not been in session. Last week, one of the jurors had some personal business to attend to and apparently asked to be replaced by an alternate. Instead, the judge postponed the trial until Monday August 15th 9 AM.

I know the delays have been stressful, and it is easy to become overwhelmed by this process.

William Dubois (who also just took on a new case-- that of a retired teacher in Berkeley who was recently arrested for his alleged role in the 1970 murder of an Oakland police officer) is expected to wrap up Jose Merel's defense. Mike Magidson's attorney Michael Thorman will then begin presenting his case. Thorman is expected to call Jaron Nabors' girlfriend Dede to testify (for what reason, we don't really know.) Magidson, like his co-defendants, is expected to take the stand sometime next week. It will be the first time Magidson's personal testimony will be heard.
Please come to court if you can.


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