Monday, August 22, 2005

Court Watch August 22nd (C. Champagne)

Magidson concluded his testimony today. Merel's lawyer Dubois, called his client as a rebuttal witness. He disputed Magidson's claims that Nabors said he'd strangled Gwen.

Merel looked defeated. Magidson, to the end, failed to take responsibility for anything, in my opinion, despite his opening comments that he had intended to. All Michael Magidson seemed to really want to admit to--was that he wanted to "shut her the fuck up"--and he certainly achieved that.

"I don't remember...I couldn't say... I may have...."


I am exhausted, so I can only imagine how the Guerreros feel, the families of the defendants, the laywers, the judge, court folks, bailiffs and jurors must feel.

My grandmother passed away last Friday night, so I need to go and take care of her affairs. I will be in court Wednesday, but I will more than likely be out of town when the jury returns with a verdict. I am relying on my excellent co-workers and allies from CUAV & Transgender Law Center to carry this blog on, and would request that all of you who can, be there at the courthouse in support of Gwen's family when those verdicts are read.

The case is likely to go to the jury next week, and I would not be surprised if verdicts were in prior to Labor Day.

--Connie Champagne


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